Tomorrow is my final hand-in, and I am still working on things. Like, actually still making stuff.

But, you know, it started to come together, so I couldn’t stop. This is something I’ve been trying to get to work for a long time now, and have been horribly failing at. The engraving’s not done, but I’ve learned a lot from it so far. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever engraved, it’s 23 cm at the front edge, and about 47 cm long. It will eventually be an image of an Edinburgh street with the bay windows that are so typical here. Like with my other engravings this year, the dark points in the image are the clear, and the light points are opaque white. There are five lenses in the back side of the box that project images that overlay each other, through the clear parts of the engraving, which are mostly the building walls. 

Also, I found a stand for it in the wood and metal shop at Minto House, so that solves so many problems. I’ll make one that is intended for it purposefully, but I do like the idea of retrofitting old objects, and repurposing them into my work. Also, many thanks to Scott for running all over the university with me and helping with woodworking!

In the foreground of the image above is the first engraving I started for this, I I’m going to keep working on that after the hand-in tomorrow, and hopefully have this actually fully finished for the degree show at the end of the month. Below is a picture of the projection.