I’m having things made in wood! It’s so wonderful! It’s been a lot of waiting around, because there have been woodworking studio related delays, but it should go faster now that thing we’ve figured it out a little. Here’s the first one! The thing on the front is a map of western Scotland printed in tracing paper, just so I could test that it worked, and it does!

I think that this makes a lot of sense, the reason I was attracted to ceramic, especially to unglazed or parian, was that it was warmer than glass, and I think people are less afraid to touch ceramic then they are to touch glass. So, since I want these objects to be handled, making them not completely out of glass made sense, but to be honest, wood is probably the better option. It it warmer, and less intimidating even than ceramic to touch.
Wood! Pretty!
Also, on a different note, I went with the 3rd years over to Minto House this morning to learn about fabric casting concrete. It was awesome. 
Also, I was cold working my drop-outs yesterday, and managed to shatter the red one on the flatbed. Annoying.