In addition to switching to wood from ceramic, I’m also trying some deep slumping with a drop-out ring for backs of cameras. I thought I’d just start with something that I already had around, so, this is a drawing of a map of Scotland fused between Bullseye that I had made last year.
I fired this program:
  1. 250C/H to 520C hold 00:25
  2. 330C/H to 690C hold 01:00
  3. AFAP to 516C hold 00:50
  4. 60C/H to 370C hold 00:00
  5. 100C/H to 40C hold 00:00
I was afraid that the glass would fall off the mould, so I watched it a lot, and stopped it quite early, I’m sure I’ll get more bold as I get used to it, but I’m not really used to looking at things like this in the kiln, so I didn’t really know what to watch for. Next time, though, Spectrum.