I’ve been learning to turn things on the plaster lathe… I still have far to go.

These are to make cases for the camera obscura that will be slipcast in ceramic, maybe parian, because I very much enjoy the texture and luminosity of it. Also, I’m attracted to the idea that it can’t be glazed, so as people interact with it it will develop a patina from being touched.
So, what I’ve done here is cast plaster onto the chuck of the plaster lathe that we have in the studio at ECA and I’m cutting out the positive form. I will then make a plaster multiple-part mould in which to cast ceramic slip. I’m attracted to the warmth of ceramic, and I feel like, since I want people to feel like they can pick these objects up and interact with them, and people are often afraid to touch glass, that ceramic, though it is also breakable, might be a little more welcoming. 
Geoff directed me toward Bonnie Kemske, whose research is about touch in the crafts, I haven’t read it yet, but it should be interesting to look at her research.
I made a multiple part plaster mould from it to slip cast ceramic from, but it is crap, and I need to re-do it.