This week was innovative learning week. I didn’t do too much for it this time around, but there were a couple of interesting things. 

First I went to a lecture in psychology about synaesthesia, which Gustaf insists I have, but I think is just memory. James Wannerton gave a talk about his experience of it. He has a kind that gives words flavours, so he actually tastes and feels things in his mouth when he hears words. Like, a word can taste of cold raw potatoes without the skin, it’s that specific, and that word will always taste that way. You can find more and a picture of his Flavours of the London Underground Map here:

I also went to an event called “Many disciplines are better than one: collaborating for sustainability” at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. It was interesting, but more because my background is in political science, so it was right up that alley. The definition of multi-disciplinary was more like psychologists collaborating with economists to come up with more complex behaviour models, than an interdisciplinary that included practitioners outside of the social sciences. Nonetheless, it was still an interesting look at how public policy is being written in Scotland, and I met a lot of people that had fascinating stories. Say that your event is about interdisciplinary, and you’ll get a group of people who are interested in that.

I also spent a bunch of time running around Edinburgh looking for concrete dye to do my plaster stuff.