I am bad at polishing these days. I really am. I had intended to have the lenses that I cast polished up and engraved at least a little before the end of the semester, but that’s not happening. I’ve got one ok… but every time I get to 600 grit, I screw something up, by not cleaning well enough or by dropping what I’m working on and chipping it, and I’ve got to start over again. I feel like a complete beginner… Actually, I feel worse about the polishing I’m doing now than I did when I was a complete beginner… that’s probably in part that now I can see what I’m doing not well enough better than I could before.

Anyways, this one is fairly polished… it’s not a good projector, probably because it’s not polished properly… it’s quite scratchy. It wasn’t a good picture before I engraved on it. Bullseye might not be a good glass for this (which is reasonable… crystal would be better… the gaffer I was also polishing is a pretty good projector when it’s ground to 400 and damp.) I engraved it and took pictures. The top is the lens behind tracing paper, below is the light coming through it. Did I tell you we have new diamond wheels? They are amazing and wonderful.