I chose nine of the drawings from the camera event to have laser engraved, and play with a bit. Here I’ve rubbed silver stain into the marks made by the laser engraving, and fired it in kiln 3 on the following schedule:
I fused some of them in the mini flatbed on the following schedule:
  1. 200*/hour to 640* hold 01:00
  2. Full to 835* hold 00:20
  3. Full to 538* hold 00:30
  4. 182*/hour to 427* hold 00:00
  5. Full to 50* 00:00
  6. End

The fuse came out well, pretty much bubble free, but the silverstain, which was quite weak to begin with, faded even more. It was pretty strong on the spectrum white that I tried earlier, so it’s too bad that it didn’t work very well on the float. I haven’t experimented much with spectrum clear, so I don’t know wether that would be an improvement. I think I chose the wrong setting on the laser cutter, though, so that’s a contributing factor.

I like that the laser engravings retain more of the qualities of the original drawings than when I tried to do it by drill engraving.