I need to make cases for the camera obscura, there are a number of options, slumping glass, slip casting, or hand building ceramic, metal or wood either varnished or powder coated to make them very clean. Or laser cutting or milling more complex shapes to use as the case itself or as a mould to cast glass into. Also, a case isn’t really required, a frame that hold the film and the lens at the right distance from each other can be enough, given bright enough light in the space. Here’s an awkward picture to show you what I mean… you can see the projection of my keyboard upside down on this piece of paper, I’m jut holding a jewellers loupe a few inches behind the paper.

I’m going to start with slumping some semi-spheres, bullseye black is pretty dark, so it should block plenty of light, and it would be nice to carry the engraving around the object, or create textures to make the objects more attractive to handle.

Another option is to reference old bellows cameras, Gustaf’s got a beautiful one here. I think it might be a little bit too referential, but I think I’ll play with frames and blackout fabric or paper over the holiday break and see how it works.