I was invited to Bild-Werk Frauenau as part of a meeting of glass engravers this past weekend. You might have been looking at my facebook page and noticed the link to the engraved glass exhibition that I posted, that show was a part of the meeting.

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and find out whats new and exciting in glass engraving now. We had workshops to help plan how the engraving Symposium in Kamenetsky Šenov next year, to have exhibitions and other events showcasing glass engraving, and how we will communicate in the future. To that end, we have set up a facebook page and a website at that will be the place to go for information and general glass engraving awesomeness in the future.

On Sunday afternoon, we had a wonderful afternoon “finissage” party in the gallery, where we all participated in a kind of engraved exqusite corpse.

We also each engraved one or two small pieces of flashed glass to make a piece to give to Bild-Werk for being such a wonderful host to the meeting, it turned out that we had enough pieces that not only did we give a set of them to Bild-Werk, we also gave one to the Glass Museum in Frauenau. Below is one of the ones that I did.