Since I’m looking at making Camera Obscura or related objects, and since I live near one of the largest and oldest ones on the world, I took myself for a visit to the Edinburgh Camera Obscura to see what it was like. I couldn’t take pictures in the actual camera obscura, it was too dark for my digital camera, but it was a kind of comical tour, with the guide lifting people off the royal mile with paper cards, and making bridges for cars to drive over.

Below the camera obscura is the “world of illusions,” a museum dedicated to optical illusions of all sorts… some were fun to play with, others were just interesting to look at… I like the two below… I haven’t seen anamorphs since I was a kid, and I had completely forgotten about them… It might be an interesting thing to play with. I like the top one particularly, where the drawing and the reflection have very different meanings, it’s like the cylinder is making it’s own sense of the image on the paper. I also like the bottom one, where the image of the deer is distorted so drastically around the edges of the paper, and is “corrected” by the mirror.