I’m back In Vancouver! And Sonia showed me around a bit! Horray! I haven’t seen her since we were both living in Ontario, so it was cool to re-connect. Sonia’s working as a glassblower at Bocci, and she’s teaching at the Terminal City Glass Co-op, so she showed me around those places. At Bocci, they make the vast majority of their glass in house at a studio in Kitsilano, and have more furnaces than glory holes, which is amusing. They melt a bunch of different colours, make designs that need very few heats to blow, and eliminate cold-working completely from their process. Elements for success in a high-production, low-footprint studio.

Though I’ve been following Terminal City Glass Co-op as they’ve started up, for some reason, I didn’t realise that they have taken over the space the used to house Joe Blow Glassworks, back when I still lived in Vancouver. That was where I first got a taste of trying out glass blowing, through an evening course offered by Capilano College, and it was neat to be back in the same space again. They’ve really made changes to the place, making it much more open and bright, and it is a wonderful studio, if I still lived in Vancouver, I would totally want to spend all the time there. 
Hungry glassmakers need to eat: