I got to Pilhuck. It was a bit of drama, I hear that a mountain fell on a bit of the highway north of Mount Vernon, so the traffic was, of course, crazy. It happened a while back, and one of the guys on the bus was surprised that I hadn’t heard about it, and, I guess he thought I was a local, asked how long I’d been away.
To be honest, I didn’t really expect to ever come here, but I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity, in receiving the partner scholarship for Edinburgh College of Art this year. I’m taking a class called “Animating Light” with Leonors Torre, and one of the artists in residence for this session, Dr. Elizabeth Presa, is also co-teaching the course. The TA’s are awesome, artists whose work I already know and really enjoy, Courtney Boyd and Anna —. I think it’s going to be a great class.
I forgot how much I love the west coast. I feel like it’s nice to be back here, but be free of pressure, and really get to enjoy the place. I’ve missed it, I realised. While I was in Vancouver, it was nice to see how UBC has changed and grown over the years since I finished there. 
I’m feeling a little lost, as per usual, I’m wondering a bit why I’m here, and what I came to get out of it. My class seems interesting, but I’m not sure how it applies to my practice, really. That’s probably good, it will bring new perspective
I spent some time wandering around the campus (which is gorgeous) and taking pictures. I love the gas tanks behind the main lodge, they are beautiful, I think the moss growing on the and the rust is completely fascinating.
We’re thinking about optics, and lenses and all sorts of other things in this class, it’s not just animation and cold working, it’s a wide variety of things that are related to light, projection, time and optics. We’re thinking about how light and shadows can hide, modify and distort. It sounds like it’s going to be a mixed bag, but it should be a good one.