I’m sort of playing with the technique that Anne Petters showed us, drawing in plaster, and rubbing powdered glass into the lines, but I’m fusing onto flat fused glass, rather than into pâte de verre. I’m liking the results, the detail is finer than I thought it would be, and it can be done at temperatures that are quite low… this is 734C, and I’m going to try lower, which I think will work well, and give a more powdery texture, as well as maintaining the texture of the piece that I’m fusing on it. I’m thinking about applying this to the surface of engravings, it might be interesting (the dark line here is sandblasted) and I think that I will be able to maintain the texture of the engraving quite well after a firing.
I made a plaster mould of this piece after sandblasting it, took the glass out, and scratched into the mould, and used woodland brown powder. I think I like the look with the french vanilla, but it could be softer… I think I should use a colour that is less transparent, the glowing quality of the transparent over the opal french vanilla is a little off to me.

I really like drawing on my glass while it’s in process, so I think that I’m going to test this out some more, in hopes of maybe using to as a way of “drawing” on engravings.