I got some electro luminescent sheet light to play with in my engravings. I ordered white, and I don’t know wether they got it wrong, or the “white” is just like that, but it’s painfully blue… In daylight with a lot of paper between the light and the glass it’s ok, but without daylight, it it just too cold… I need to get something to use as a filter to fix the tone of the light to be more neutral.

Below is with the lights off…. I think that in the pictures it’s better without the light, but it might be that it’s better with the light in real life… I’m still trying to decide on that, and I think I’m unconvinced. I was pretty happy with them for a while earlier, but now I’m feeling a little less keen… we’ll see how that evolves. I know in the pictures it looks like very little… and it is subtle in real life, but I think that it might be worth it.