So, I was interested in using debates in the Scottish Parliament as source material for my work, and to that end, I’ve spent part of this week watching the committee meeting and question period video recordings that are available on the parliament website. I’ve not really been inspired by the committee meetings, they are actually quite good at avoiding rhetoric, which is good, I think. Question period is better, but more in the direction of political posturing than anything else. I am interested in the way the debate about  scottish independence plays on ideas of what it is to be Scottish, and what that has to do with defining borders and political relationships and responsibilities, and so far that has something that I have mostly found in journalistic coverage of the issues more so than what is actually said in parliament. I’m feeling out of my depth when it comes to UK politics, I just don’t have the background to understand the nuances of what they are saying in the same way that I understand what’s going on in Canadian Politics, of course. Also, my project, the more I think about it, becomes more personal and specific, which is good, but makes my interest in political issues a little moot.