More Self Portraits

was playing with point engraving on mirror, now I’m doing it on black glass, because that’s interesting and it’s also reflective… and it seems that in very a particular settings, I like shiny things. Who knew? I’m always saying that I hate shiny glass. I’m enjoying hand engraving my reflection into reflective surfaces… there’s something about making the reflection solid and destroying the mirror that I really like. Also, I’m leaning back towards my penchant for closeups of body parts, I know, I was told to avoid it in the winter, but Jessamy suggested it this time, so, you know… now it’s going to move off the mirrors a bit and on to the painted/fused/engraved ones.

1 thought on “More Self Portraits”

  1. I know you often don't like shiny glass, but i seem to remember you often liking shiny things in general. guess you just had to find the right kind a shiny!

    I really like these pieces. when i first looked at them in the image i couldn't make sense of the pattern but the shapes and colours, especially with the dark glass in the bright silver frames was really captivating. After looking more closely the shape of first the bottom piece and then eventually the top one became clear and I like them even better now. The top one with the eye feels very haunting and intense but not overly so (I also like how for me depending on whether i'm looking at the dark or the light pattern it looks like either a face(dark) or flames(light)) . The bottom one is more intuiging and leaves me a little curious as to what's going on behind the mouth. I can't read the emotion, but I'm left feeling like i want to and wondering…which is fun.

    loved this picture! keep up the good work!

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