Framing! Horrah!

After what seemed like a longer wait than I was ready for, I’ve laser cut some frames for the engravings, not I can play with lighting! Horrah! Lighting! I’m getting to finishing some stuff. woot. They will be painted, so that they look smoother, and I’m going to play with putting the frames together so that more than one piece can be in each frame.

1 thought on “Framing! Horrah!”

  1. I love the way that the bee plates have developed. they look so much better with the lighting and frames like in the last picture. the almost yellowish colour of the lights, in contrast with the white of the glass gives a nice idea of the chaotic and stressful sentiment that a head full of bees indicates.

    I've really liked the idea behind this piece and have been waiting for a more finished picture to see the idea start coming alive. nice work on this one.

    glad i logged on to the internet at the airport so that i could see it.

    keep up the good work!

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