So, I hated the green of the float glass for the engraving I was working on earlier, so I have re-painted bullseye with the same motif, in two smaller circles, and am re-firing. this is in kiln 9, with my normal full fuse program. I’ve used shards of clear between the layers on the round pieces to make bubbles squeeze out evenly.

The bottom rectangle is just two layers of black for point engraving and other tests, the top four are (clockwise from top left) tekta with reactive white powder and silver leaf, French Vanilla with reactive white and silver leaf, reactive ice with turquoise blue, silver leaf and white, and  reactive ice with silver leaf, reactive white and french vanilla.

The bubble squeeze works well, there are no unreasonable bubbles, which is nice, though these are relatively small pieces. I didn’t apply the powder thick enough, so I’ve re-applied and am re-firing.  I think I will experiment with a differnt white as well, since this one is a little too translucent for my taste.