I’ve been making point engravings on mirror. I started by making engravings of what I was seeing in the mirror, which i think may be the most honest, but some of them have been photos that have been printed and traced, because it was hard to keep still enough that the reflection I was viewing was stable enough for me to trace it from real life. I’m happy that Katherine re-introduced me to point engraving when I took her class in january, it was really interesting, and I had completely disregarded it after we had first been introduced to it back in the beginning at Sheridan.

I’ll also try it on black glass, point engraving is interesting because the lighting is so delicate, on clear glass it almost completely disappears unless it is lit in the right way. That, in itself is interesting to me, but it is also interesting because the lines are so delicate, so it would be nice to explore using it in a way that is not so dependent on lighting and could be seen relatively easily under the majority of conditions. The mirror helps with that.

I also need to take some mirror down to laser engrave. woot.