I spent today in a sketching workshop! I feel like lately I’ve been getting better a using my sketchbook, but I still need to work on it, so I, and a ton of other glass people signed up for a day long “fill a sketchbook in one day” workshop. It was hilarious. I’m not really certain that it was useful, per say, but I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did this afternoon in a very long time.

We were given a bunch of quick exercises, like, draw thinking of hilltop towns and silhouette, or draw thinking of palm trees and pattern. I have developed a deep and meaningful love for the Financial Times, and I think I should spend much more time drawing with it. It was highly amusing. In the afternoon, we were split up into groups and asked to make visual arguments  I paired up with an Art History Student and we had to argue that taxing junk food was a good idea. Neither of us really thought that that was true, so we were really silly about it, and made a collage of the financial times, and spent the afternoon falling over laughing over things like “is eating healthy as confusing to you as the stock market? Well, a new tax on sugar and fat will make it easy to make healthy choices!” Most of the other people in the room spent the afternoon looking very confused in our general direction.

After that, Anne and I ran down to Minto House to see a presentation by the Art Fund, which looks like a really cool organization, that maybe I should join. They seem to have lots of interesting discussions and debates going on in their community about the value of art and public collections, and they work to protect public collections and lobby government on issues of art and culture. I think I might get involved and volunteer with them.