So, that piece that I was woking on with the bees in it has been progressing, I’ve started engraving it. I think I will also paint it some when I’m done the engraving. I still hate the float glass. It makes me want to just start again with bullseye.

I do really like working through the powder, though I’m not a big fan of the Optul white, it’s nice to have a quite thing layer to work through, it’s simple, and I think it will allow more detail to be easier to achieve, which would be nice. I’ve begun to like a less choppy line in my engraving.
I also like the light through it… I was thinking about doing something to make the patterns of the kiln shelf more purposeful, I like the shadows that the lines and impressions on the back side of the glass cast on the front… it’s hard to see in photos, and here it’s not with purpose, so it’s difficult to think about, really.