Hello again. Well, I forgot to post this before the holiday. I wanted to see what effect slump temperatures had on engraving, I usually fire polish Bullseye glass at 600C because I like a really satiny finish, but I thought it would be interesting to see if I could slump paint and fire polish in one step. It seems it works quite well for me, actually. A little shinier than I like for engravings, but it could grow on me, and it’s nice for more decorative things… it hasn’t gotten to that point where it begins to look plasticky, so that’s good, I think.

I used the following program:
1. 166C/hour to 638C hold 0:00
2. 999C/hour to 482C hold 1:00
3. 55C/hour to 371C hold 0:00
4. 999C/hour to 50C hold 0:00

Above is a laser engraved image that was fired in the lower shelf of the kiln, silver stain on the left, black enamel on the right. The engraved piece on the right was a test with adding paint and silver stain to engraving. Below is the blue tile that was in the kiln in the round mold, face down. It got quite a nice fire polish, and the silver stain that I rubbed into some of the cuts made an interesting addition to the texture.

Also, I cast some slabs, and had some fun slicing them up on the saw: