I’m experimenting with using enamels rubbed into the laser engraved surface of glass… Sort of like a print making method.

I love how delicate the line quality is, but it would be nice if it were a little heavier (that makes sense to me, but I think it might be a little bit of an odd thing to say.) I’m heading back down to play with the laser cutter again on Friday morning, and I would like to try engraving deeper into the glass. That might involve making the raster files I have into vector files.

Anyways, there’s not too much to say about this…. it’s black enamel that had been mixed with water, rubbed into the surface of laser engraved float glass. Fired on the top shelf of kiln seven to 750C for 10 minutes. The surface becomes totally smooth after firing, and I should have mixed my enamel more throughly, because it is a little spotty, next time I’ll try mixing with oil as well.