Well, I’m getting beginning to find my feet here at the Edinburgh College of Art, it’s been slow for me, but I’m beginning to feel like I’m getting there. Happily, a family visit brought me my lathe, which is nice. The cold shop here is great, it has a wonderful set of stone wheels, and a number of diamond cutting lathes, and two little antique copper wheel lathes that each have a lovely collection of wheels (glee!), but the Merker fills the gap between the fast and huge wheels and the small, slow and precise copper, so having it here is a good thing. It’s got a better view here then it did back in Lux, too.
The community here is lovely, we’re a really small group, which is nice. We’ve not stepping on each other when we work.
I got introduced to the CAD/CAM suite a little while ago, which is terribly exciting! There should be some (I hope!) interesting experiments coming out of that soon.
I’m happy to be living in Edinburgh, it’s an amazing city. Today the fog was so thick that the castle disappeared, and we went to the National Museum of Scotland’s Archived in Granton. I have a mountain of pictures, so I’ll post some of them in a couple days, but for now, a picture of the Salisbury Crags taken from the North Bridge (part of my route to school!) which are in the middle of the city. I’m so lucky to live here!