Sunday poured rain on Sunday for Konscht am Gronn, but the show went pretty well nonetheless. Luckily I work in glass, which can take a little bit of being rained on, and it was warm enough that the day, despite being eleven hours of wet feet, was actually quite pleasant. I met some really lovely people, and am very happy to now be a part of this event, which I have been visiting as a spectator for a while now.

I thought that answering the questions like “is it real?” (real what?) and “how do you get the colour in?” (people never believe me when I tell them that it’s not painted or glued together) “is it fragile?” (well, it is glass, no?) was difficult in English…. but trying to answer in Luxembourgish, German and French and Flemish was totally baffling, and very good practice.

We got to see the Tour de Luxembourg go by in the afternoon as well, which was great.

The next show is July 1st (Canada Day!) and my work will be there, but I will be in Amsterdam, so check it out, or come on August 5th if you want to see me. Though, really, August is a long time away, so if you want to see me, just call.