So, back when I was in Turkey, Jiri said “make a horse.” He didn’t give any reason, He just had us each draw and engrave something horsish. I did a quick one in red and white, and when I got home, decided that it was in need of a little fire polishing, which I did. Now, I think they told me the glass was Schott, but I’m not sure, either way, I got the firing program totally wrong, firing to 638C for 10 min was way too much, I like  a little bit of fire polishing, but it was horribly shiny. I didn’t take pictures, or, I can’t find them. So, I finally got around to fixing it, so it’s no longer glossy, so I’m happier with it now.

It’s quick, with not much detail, when I finished it (the first time) Jiri told me that I should do more sculptural engraving and gave me a one inch thick cast slab of glass and told me to do the same drawing again. Telling you about it might make me actually take some pictures of it, which I’ve been making inadequate attempts at… I can never seem to get the lighting right. So, pictures of that one later.

I think it’s funny that, when I show these to people, as often as I get “it has too many legs” I also get “it doesn’t have enough, where’s the eighth leg?”