Food may be off topic, I guess, but food is required for energy for me to make things. Too much of a stretch? Since finishing school this blog has been drifting away from it’s original topic a little, which I hope doesn’t offend anyone.

I’ve been hanging out with my friend Alexis, who writes Love Bites Cooking and, as would be expected when hanging out with someone who makes good food, we’ve been eating very well. His family has a fantastic kitchen, with a giant oven… the first Aga I remember ever having met, and I’m in love with the china.

I made dinner last night, not nearly as impressive has the dinner that was staged on Friday evening, but, simple, and yummy. Actually, it’s a lazy version of, or really, dish inspired by this Sweet Potato Ravioli with Brown Butter. I think I made it as directed once, and since then it’s been different each time, and lazier and lazier. Anyways, this time, roast sweet potatoes (just with olive oil and salt), pan fried mushrooms, and chicken, cubed and seared. The gnocchi was boiled in a diluted version of Alexis’ consume. The sauce is made of butter, I put some of it in the bottom of a large pot (the same one I used to boil the gnocchi), and heated it until the foam subsided that the solids turned brown, the added a dash of nutmeg, and a lot of dried sage, and about a third of a sliced chili, with the seeds removed. Then you mix it all together. Woot. Put parmesan and chopped walnuts on the top at the table, because parmesan is yummy.