Here’s the second part of the reflecting series:

I’ve realized that I posted the picture of the other tile that goes with this one without saying anything about it. It’s over here.

I am currently working on a series ofcameo engravings based on photographs that I am taking in museums around theworld. I find it interesting to watch the reflections of people in the glasscases that hold objects in a museum; it seems to represent the museum systemitself, with our personal and culturalself-perceptions interceding with the objects on display. I think that we areincapable of looking at the objects through the eyes of the people who usedthem, and often, we don’t even notice that we project our own meaning ontothem. Our culture, like the glass, is invisible to us, except for certainangles, and we can easily forget the influence that it has on our perceptions.To translate these images from photos into engraved glass, the viewer, theobject being viewed, and the reflections become equalized, and the reflection ismade a part of the object itself. This one is the second of the series.