Hello Internet…. I have a question for you.

I started this blog as a way of fulfilling a the requirements for a series of assignments that I had during my time at Sheridan. We had to document every firing we did as precisely as possible, in order to make sure that we could learn as much as we could from adjusting the variables in each firing. Documenting our experiments as we go is an important learning tool, the more information that I record, the more I can have an idea of what to expect when I open the kiln each morning. I decided to do it publicly because I believe that the more we share, the better all our work will be.

I’ve noticed that I’m actually getting quite a few hits here, quite a few more than I expected to get. And, I know they’re not all just me and my close friends, since I’m getting hits from countries that I’m pretty sure I don’t know anybody from.

So, I think it would be interesting to get to know the people I haven’t met yet, or know who’s reading that I do know. Who are you, and why are you following, or finding yourself here? What do you want more of? Are you a new here, or have you been internet stalking me for a while now? Are you a glassworker? Do you have any suggestions for me to make this corner of the internet more interesting or useful to you?

Anyways, hello! I want to meet you! Introduce yourself! Please?