I finally took good pictures of this one, which I engraved last fall while I was in Turkey. It is based on a picture that I took while I was at UBC while waiting for the bus one evening, in the temporary bus loop. The first time my mom saw it she said that the man the the background had been following her around in her dreams for years. He doesn’t anymore, he’s trapped now. I’m really happy with the way the street lights worked out, how abstract they are.




I thought I’d post pictures of this one now, since today I’ve been working on a kind of similar one, based on this picture that I took a while back. Here’s the beginning of the process.


I’ve been taking pictures of people in museums, I think the reflections of them in the cases that hold the objects that they are looking at are really interesting, and I particularly like this image. I’m beginning to get better at tonality, and the gradient, the finished one above is very high-contrast, and while the one I’m working on now is also, there is more middle ground, which is something I need to work on.