I took an engraving workshop with Jiri Harcuba at the Glass Furnace, which is about an hour away from Istanbul Center, Turkey.

I don’t know why I don’t have a lot of pictures of process from that workshop… oh well, obviously distracted. I’m in love with the little Merker Lathe.
Process on Cameo engraving….
Fused schott glass, green on the bottom, grey in the middle because the brightness of the green offended me, and white on top.
This is currently in the kiln being fire polished a little.
Jiri drew portraits of each of us, for us to do engravings based on.
he also called us by what our names meant, rather than what they actually were.
Chora Museum, which is an old Byzantine church that has been secularized. The mosaics are amazing!
and people think I’m crazy. The tiles, were, for the most part, smaller than the ones I use, and it was the entire inside of the church!
Mosaic in Aya Sophia:
with the religion in the area changing from Christianity to Islam, all of these were plastered over. When Ataturk secularized the building, making it a museum, selective restoration began, attempting to restore and preserve the best examples in the building of both Christian and Islamic art.
I’m not focusing on the Christian art here because of any preference for Chrisitanity, there were just no Islamic mosaics. There are pictures of the rest of the building, art, etc, on my Flickr account, if you want to check that out.
Boat! We went for dinner on the black sea.
Kiln casting class installation in process:
My room mate, Dana, hiding: