Oh little Kiln Blog…. you have been so neglected.

But it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything at all. I’ve just been being a flake. So, I guess I’ll re-cap. These are going to be really really photo-heavy.
First! Irene Frolic! Woot!
I took a summer workshop with Irene Frolic back in May, we were working on lost wax casting in gaffer crystal. Pictures!
How to make very smooth bowl shapes in wax! Horrah! make sure you fill the balloon with cold water first, just blowing it up doesn’t work.
Venting! Because everyone loves venting!
Goosberry Goblet!
Closeup of gooseberries!
Steamer of awesomeness. I hope they’re using this thing at Sheridan now.
Tiny individual goose berries…. silicone cupcake molds are great.
The little gooseberries survived!
As did separated goblet bowls. Though I did manage to break the clear on in my kitchen later in the summer.
Colours! pretty!
Extra Disaster!
At least the disaster is photogenic.
Believe it or not, there are more pictures than are in the post, you can see the whole album by clicking on one of the pics.