So, since disaster stuck, we made more stuff! So, disaster can be a good thing, since we get to learn more!

Sculpting human faces!
Making wax copies!
I will never need to use PoYo again… squeeze a ton of cheap, available at any hardware store, 100% Silicon Caulking into a bucket of soapy water, and you can mold it with your hands into a large flat patty, and squish it over your form to make a cheap, fast and wonderfully detailed silicon mold. No horrible sticky silicon, no days and days of mold making. You can do two layers for larger forms, if you like. Just make sure it’s thick enough to have some stability. you can also use bits of sponge in places like under the chin of this guy to create support and volume without increasing curing time. These molds were useable within a couple of hours!
Crystal Kiln!
Mine had apricot and olive green gaffer crystal.
Firing Schedule:
1. 5:00 to 95C
2. 29:00 to 115C
3. 35:00 to 550C
4. 40:00 @ 550C
5. 43:00 to 800C
6. 49:00 @ 800C
7. 49:01 to 440C
8. 66:00 @ 440C
9. 81:00 to 400C
10. 95:00 to 316C
11. 100:00 to 150C
System 96 Kiln:
No firing schedule for that one, because I’m in Europe, and one of the things I forgot to bring was my notebook for this kind of stuff.