If I want scissors, maybe I’m casting them in resin, not glass?

Fired April 6th on the following schedule:

1. 2:00 to 100C
2. 12:00 to 150C
3. 22:00 to 650C
4. 26:00 @ 650C
5. 26:01 to 870C
6. 36:00 @ 870C
7. 36:01 to 515C
8. 46:00 @ 515C
9. 66:00 to 400C
10. 78:00 to 20C

Out April 11th, and de-molded on the same day.
These ones worked better, there was more of the straight side of the scissors in this kiln, but even the bent one flowed better in this kiln than in kiln #3. Kiln #2 had just gotten a new element, maybe that had something to do with it? Other than the difference in kiln, and there being more straight scissor halves in this kiln, the molds were the same, the program was the same and the kiln was loaded in the same way, so I’m a little baffled.
Rebecca’s molds were shorter than Luke’s, that might have made a difference?

This is the bent handle scissor from this kiln:

It really didn’t work that much better than the ones from the earlier kiln:

There are more pictures here: