Here’s a picture of some earlier hands that are finished, and now in the show at the OCC.

Fired on April 6th in Kiln #1 on the following program:

1. 2:00 to 90C
2. 18:00 to 100C
3. 23:00 to 600C
4. 25:00 @ 600C
5. 25:01 to 840C
6. 30:00 @ 840C
7. 30:01 to 515C
8. 45:00 to 515C
9. 70:00 to 390C
10. 85:00 to 50C
Unloaded on April 11th.
In this one I decided to try making molds with more than one hand print in them, these prints were smaller, and I thought that it would be a massive waste. This worked out quite well, all the molds filled completely, and it just took some creative sawing to get the hands off the reservoir. That might not be feasible in the future if I don’t have a diamond saw. oh well.
All the pictures from this firing can be found here: