This firing was in Kiln 2, with hands on both the bottom level ad the top, and three first year molds on the top shelf.
The Kiln was Fired March 19th, and unloaded on March 26th on this schedule:
1. 3:00 to 100C
2. 15:00 to 150C
3. 20:00 to 650C
4. 25:00 @ 650C
5. 25:01 to 870C
6. 32:00 @ 870C
7. 32:01 to 515C
8. 45:00 @ 515C
9. 71:00 to 390C
10. 84:00 to 20C
All my molds worked out well… one of the first year molds was way over full… the glass ran out of their mold, off the shelf, into one of my molds, out of my mol, off the bottom shelf, and onto the element…. so Kiln 2 is out of commission for now…
Now for all that polishing. horray.

All the pictures I took of this firing are in the following album:

More! Horrah! Kiln 2