In the image above, the top resist blasts away to white, the bottom left blasts away to white, and the bottom right blasts away to black. The photo-resists came back from us ordering them much smaller than expected, so I decided to treat them as tests, to I cut them up and glued them to the differently layered coloured sheet glass that I made.

I did the powder fusing in a previous post in order to sand blast them with photo resist, and the results were pretty good.

Here are the tests I did:
1.1 black powder over red powder on white sheet
1.2 white powder over red powder on black sheet
2.1 black powder on white sheet
2.2 white powder on black sheet
3 blasted into fused sheet, black on steel blue on white.

1.2 (the top right in the picture) was the first one i blasted, I guess the glue hadn’t dried yet, because the resist just blasted right off after about 30 seconds.

I blasted them all at 20psi.

I’m really happy with these results, the detail is good, and would be better with larger images (because the points of resist would be larger and stronger.) In the new year, Amanda and I are planning on exposing out own photo-resist in the print studio. I think I’ll be working this into future projects.

All the photos I have of this are in the following album:

Photo-resist Sandblasting