Fire Polishing of Continents

These came out of the mold covered in plaster residue, so I sandblasted them, but wanted them to look more glassy, so kiln polishing again!

These pieces were fire polished in the Mercedes on November 27th, 2009. They were unloaded on November 29th.

The program I used was as follows:

1. 5:00 to 535 C
2. 5:01 to 705 C
3. 5:06 @ 705 C
4. 5:07 to 515 C
5. 5:37 @ 515 C
6. 7:07 to 427 C
7. 12:00 to 20 C

There were no problems, no much to say on this one. they look better after firing than they did before.

The pictures of this firing can be found here:

Continents Fire Polishing

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