These pieces were polished in the mercedes on October 12th. 2009, and unloaded on October 13th, 2009. They were fired on the following schedule:

1. 3:00 to 535 C
2. 3:01 to 705 C
3. 3:06 @ 705 C
4. 3:07 to 515 C
5. 3:37 @ 515 C
6. 5:07 to 427 C
7. 10:00 to 20 C

The sandblasted texture of the frog piece (also for the friend who wanted the frogs from the last post) polished out nicely, I’ll use this in the future. The saw-cut edges on the pendants (from the aperture pour that I did in the summer at Toni’s place) didn’t polish out. I will try fire polishing them in the flame working studio, that might work better.

All the Photos I took of this firing can be found here:

Frog Fire Polishing