I’ve been experimenting with “drawing” on paper with glass. This came out of thinking so much about drawing on glass, I decided to turn it on it’s head and draw with glass instead.

So, this involves paper, water and hot glass. I wet the paper (or not) and take a gather out of the furnace, and drop it on the paper. If the paper catches fire, I drop some water on it to halt the burning.

The variables include how wet the paper is, direction of glass, and how far from the furnace to the paper.

I’ve been experimenting with different weights of watercolour paper. The texture of the heavier ones is lovely with the burn marks, but I quite like how the lighter papers burn through completely in some places, leaving negative spaces in the image. I tried to use some lighter weight papers than watercolour paper, but they pretty much dissolved in the water, and didn’t burn, just sizzled when the glass touched them. Coloured pastel paper is a good weight, but I prefer the plain white of the watercolour paper, it shows off the tonal differences in the burns better.

Don’t worry, the glass in question doesn’t go to waste, I needed frit anyways for kilncasting.