For this firing, I filled the two smaller molds with very fine System 96 powder that I made in the ball mill with glass from the blowing furnace. The glass was put in the ball mill on Friday at 4pm and taken out on Sunday at noon. It had some large chunks in it that I didn’t sift out because I was interested in what the contrast between the sizes would do. For the larger one I painted forest green powder into the continent, and then laid the clear powder over that.

The molds were fired on Tuesday, October 13th at 17:00, in Kiln #3 on the following schedule:

1. 2:00 – 100C
2. 8:00 – 150C
3. 13:00 – 600C
4. 14:00 @ 600C
5. 14:01 – 840C
6. 15:15 @ 840C
7. 15:16 – 540C
8. 18:00 @ 540C
9. 20:00 – 430C
10. 23:00 @ 430C
11. 32:00 – 300C

This firing, as the last of them, was the only that was fully annealed.

The molds were taken out of the kiln on October 16th. There were no significant new cracks, though a few small ones had developed. The powder was so fine that it never went transparent, it stayed an almost opalescent white with transparent patches where the large chunks were.

I will edit this post in the future with images of the finished product.

All the images associated with this firing can be found in the following album:

Multi-Fire Part #4