For this firing, I placed pieces of white and amber Spectrum System 96 sheet glass into the small two molds. for the larger mold I laid down a layer of largeish System 96 frit made from glass out of the blowing furnace.

While I was loading the kiln and leveling the molds in the sand, I levered off a corner of the largest one. To prevent the glass from flowing out at melt temperature, I re-arranged the molds so that the two smaller molds were supporting the broken part of the larger one, and packed sand around them. After the firing, it turned out that there were no noticeable problems due to my breaking the mold.

The molds were fired on October 9th at 16:30 on the following schedule in Kiln #3.

1. 2:00 – 150C
2. 7:00 – 500C
3. 9:00 – 600C
4. 10:00 @ 600C
5. 10:01 – 840C
6. 11:31 @ 840C
7. 11:32 – 540C
8. 13:32 @ 540C
9. 15:32 – 430C
10. 17:32 @ 430C
11. 20:00 – 300C

This firing does not fully anneal the glass, since these molds will be fired one more time.

They came out of the kiln on October 12th.

All the photos associated with this firing can be found in the following album:

Multi-Fire Part #3