After the molds were dried, they were packed with a mixture of clear and crimson powder, I wanted a gradual fade, so I started with pure crimson and gradually added clear to it as I was packing the mold.

The molds were then fired On October 2nd, for the first glass firing in the Italian on the following schedule:
1. 106F/hour to 212 F
2. 15F/hour to 300F
3. 158F/hour to 932F
4. 106F/hour to 1112F
5. AFAP to 1544F, hold 90 minutes
6. AFAP to 1004F, hold 120 minutes
7. 124F/hour to 806F, hold 120 minutes
8. 117F/hour to 572F
9. End

I was sick at the beginning of the week, so I didn’t unload my molds from the kiln until October 8th.

This schedule does not properly anneal the glass, this is in order to save kiln time, since these molds will be fired a number of other times. The first drying step was included as a safety in case additional water was introduced into the molds during the packing stage.

The molds came out uncracked, and the glass was fully melted and not de-vitrified.

All the pictures associated with this firing can be found in the following album:

Muiti-Fire Part #2