This is notes on a firing of frogs and Hand pressings I did. The frogs were on request from a friend of mine.

I’m not actually certain which firing schedule was used for these molds, but since they were in a kiln that was the final firing of the multi-fire project, I’m guessing it was something like this:

1. 2:00 – 100C
2. 8:00 – 150C
3. 13:00 – 600C
4. 14:00 @ 600C
5. 14:01 – 840C
6. 15:15 @ 840C
7. 15:16 – 540C
8. 18:00 @ 540C
9. 20:00 – 430C
10. 23:00 @ 430C
11. 32:00 – 300C

They were fired in Kiln #1 on October 28th, 2009, and the kiln was unloaded on November 1st, 2009.

All of these were packed with talc-like powder, and the frogs had forest green frit mixed in at a 2:5 ratio. For the frogs, the opaque, bubbly texture that comes with using so fine a powder was nice, it made them look ancient, but I really didn’t like it for the hand pressings, it was way too rough, and didn’t pick up the high detail of the texture that the ones I did last spring with furnace pellet did. They look to physical for me when they are cast in powder. The clearer finish makes them look more ethereal.

All the photos associated with this firing can be found here: