This is the firing for the Chili pepper and Sage bowls, which was in kiln 5 with Amanda and Robyn.

The molds were 40% plaster, 60% Silica, as per usual, hand built over wax bowls with real plants pressed onto the outside. to remove the positive, the wax was steamed out, and I picked out the chilis and burned out the sage with a MPS gas torch.

The chili bowl was packed with latte, salmon, crimson, and light amber trasnparent pate-de-verre, and the sage bowl was packed with latte, olive green transparent, pine green transparent, and eel green and light amber transparent.

The void in the bowl was filled with sand.

It was fired on April 19th, on the following schedule:

1. 1:00 – 100
2. 6:00 – 100
3. 11:00 – 515
4. 13:00 – 720
5. 18:00 @ 720
6. 18:01 – 550
7: 25:00 @ 550
8. 39:00 – 400
9. 46:00 – 50
10. 84:00 – 50

the Kiln came down on April 23rd.

I am happy with the placement of the colours, but some of the colours fired to the wrong tone. The Salmon turned a dark brown, which was lovely, but not the brighter red that it fires to in a full melt, and the latte turned a taupe colour. So I should do some pate de verre tests on colours at the beginning of next year. I should have used the gold brown, instead of the light amber, I like that brown better.

The sides of the bowls didn’t slump as much as the star anise brown, maybe because I packed it tighter this time, or maybe because it was thinner than the last one.

The carbon in the sage mold doesn’t have any negative effect on the glass that I can tell.

All the pictures associated with this firing can be found in the following album:

Pate de verre bowls