Kiln #1 was packed by me, Jen, Jesse T, and Sonya. In this picture, the two large molds in the back are the bowls, the red flowerpot is the apple, and the three small flowerpots, one to the left and two to the right of the bowls, are the hand pressings. The space holders are for Jen’s bowls, the large flat mould is Jesse’s, which a shaved 6” off of all the way around to fit it in, the large mold on the left is Sonya’s last heart. The rest are Jen’s keys.

The molds were 40% plaster, 60% Silica.

The apple had flower pots placed over them with Salmon coloured cullet from the hot shop, 600g, the wax was 178 g.

The hand pressings had built-in reservoirs, that were filled with System 96 furnace pellets, 270g in #3 (wax: 76g), and 178g in #4 (wax: 43g) , and 340g in #5 (wax: 92g).

The bowls also had flower pots, in #1, I filled the mold with glass and put the excess in the flower pot, and in #2, all the glass was in the flower pot. Each one had 1kg of glass, the waxes were 310g.

It was fired on April 15th, on the following schedule:

1. 3:00 – 150
2. 15:00 @ 150
3. 22:00 – 515
4. 25:00 – 600
5. 25:01 – 875
6. 30:00 @ 875
7: 30:01 – 515
8. 38:01 @ 515
9. 55:01 – 400
10. 68:00 – 50

the Kiln came down on April 19th.

Everything fired well, the apple even flowed.

All the pictures associated with this firing can be found in the following album:

Hand pressings, bowls, apple