For my scissors, I have made a silicone mold out of clear bathroom caulking from a large pair of shears. The caulking made the shears rusty, in future, for molding from metal objects, I will explore other options. maybe PoYo, Body double, or Alginate.

The molds were made in 4 steps, two layers on each side. I attached a cup to the pointed end of the scissors to act as a reservoir for the wax.

The mother mold is poured plaster. Wax positives were poured from these molds.

For the firing, I used two part molds, split horizontally. They were 60% silica, 40% plaster.

Each mold was packed around the impression with clear frit, I did not weigh the frit.

Fired in the Mercedes, on the following program:

1. 3:00 – 100
2. 10:00 @ 100
3. 16:00 – 650
4. 19:00 @ 650
5. 19:01 – 875
6. 26:00 @ 875
7: 26:01 – 515
8. 31:00 @ 515
9. 41:00 – 390
10. 52:00 – 20

The molds went in on Thursday February 12th, and came out on Sunday, February 15th at 6am.

In both molds, the top half sunk into position properly, leaving flashing all around the form, but (since there was no flow) even though there was a long, full melt, the frit still had memory, and had a pâte-de-verre-like texture to the outside.

I was too rough while de-molding, and broke both pieces in half in the process.

I will make future attempts with moulds that have flow, so as to get a smooth texture on the outside of the scissors.

All pictures associated with this firing can be found in the follwing album: