I’ve been making some slabs, and replacing my saw with one that works, rather than my Castorama Chippy MacChipperson tile saw. It arrives yesterday while I was in Paris, visiting a friend who was there for the weekend, and the Art Paris Art Fair, and Paris Art Design. It’s a Gemini Apollo ring saw, and I’m in love. The blades are fragile, and I’m a dolt who already snapped one, but the finish is lovely, and there’s no chipping. So, here are pictures of one of my slabs, solid, cut up, and laid out in the kiln. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s all fired up.
The first firing was 1.3kg of glass, with a mix of blues, grays, and reactive glasses, the firing program was:
1. 167C/H to 663C hold 1:00
2. 333C/H to 810C hold 1:45 (since there is 0313, which should not be fired above 810C)
3. AFAP to 482C hold 3:00
4. 25C/H to 427C hold 0:01
5. 45C/H to 371C hold 0:01
6. 150C/H to 21C hold 0:01
The second firing, after everything was cut up and laid out is:
1. 334C/H to 289C hold 0:20 (to cure the shelf primer)
2. 222C/H to 677C hold 0:30
3. 333C/H to 804C hold 0:10
4. AFAP to 482C hold 0:30
5. 83C/H to 371C hold 0:00
6. AFAP to 21C hold 0:00
and, there will be more to come when it comes out of the kiln.