The original for this piece was wax, 9cm x 4.5cm x 5cm. The mold had a built in reservoir made out of clay. The mold was 60% Silica, 40% Plaster, and poured on Sunday November 23rd.

I measured 210g of cullet by water displacement, and filled the mold and reservoir with 191g of clear System 96 furnace glass and 34g fine ivory Powder (G102 FP).

The mold stayed intact through firing, on the following full-melt schedule:
1. 1:00 – 100
2. 14:00 @100
3. 21:00 -515
4. 24:00 – 600
5. 24:01 – 875
6. 31:00 @ 875
7. 31:01 – 515
8. 46:01 @ 515
9. 76:01 – 400
10. 100:00 – 50

The schedule was much longer than required for this size of piece because it was maximized for the largest piece in the kiln, which was Robyn’s spiked piece. The melt time was longer in order to make sure that the spikes filled, and the annealing time was long, because that piece was much larger than mine, and more fragile, so the program was very conservative.

More pictures of the process are here:

Bird #1

There were a couple of brown spots on the back of the bird after firing, which may mean that I didn’t steam the wax out of the mold well enough, or that the clear or ivory powder were contaminated.