Focal Distance

These objects aim to upset this common association, having a stable exterior and an ever-changing interior, positioning change and transition in the place of authenticity.

The Wall is Part of Yourself

I use engraved glass, woodworking and optics to explore the mutability of individual identity by making camera obscura sculptures that are enchanting and playful.

Geology Plates

Inspired by geology and natural process, these pieces take advantage of the chemical and physical properties of glass to create line and motion.

Scottish Book Trust Trophies

The Scottish Book Trust commissioned me to make the trophies for the 2016 Scottish Children’s Book Awards.

Reflecting Projecting Engravings

A series of cameo engravings based on photographs that taken in museums of the reflections of visitors in the glass cases that hold the displays. This reflection represents the museum system itself, with our personal and cultural self-perceptions interceding with the objects on display. We are incapable of looking at the objects through the eyes of… Continue reading Reflecting Projecting Engravings

Secret Languages

Each profession has a language: words they use that outsiders don’t understand (or don’t understand fully) acronyms, or ways of speaking that can be unintelligible to the untrained listener. These professional languages are interesting in that they serve to enhance communication within the community. They can make meaning more precise, but at the same time… Continue reading Secret Languages

Swans Mosaic

“Fighting Swans” (2011) porcelain and glass mosaic. Private collection.

Self Portrait in 108 Gestures

Self Portrait in 108 Gestures is a series of objects that calls upon the viewer to meditate on the real-world outcomes, rather than intention. Through the simplest shift, focusing on the impression my hand makes, rather than my hands themselves, I hope to draw attention to the importance of individual action in creating social change.


A series of images taken in museums (below is the Louvre in Paris, France). I find it interesting to watch the reflections of people in the glass cases that hold objects in a museum, it seems to me to represent the museum system itself, with our personal and cultural self-perceptions interceding with the objects on display. We… Continue reading Reflecting/Projecting


A series of images I’ve been taking in the National Museum of Scotland, each of one object pictured 54 or 108 times. The images are layered so that the viewer sees all of them at once.